Design Nest

UQ Social Sciences Student Lounge

A subterranean computer lab with limited natural light was transformed into "den like" student lounge. Large format panels of backlit micah surround a central structural column to create the illusion of a chimney. This notional glowing "flire" acts as a centre piece to the space. 

A series of terraced steps run off the main platform to create seating and desking opportunities which offer students social and group learning opportunities. 

Converting such a computer room, a near windowless concrete box, was a challenge. Rather than a "dressed up box" with nice furniture, Design nest proposed to convert the box into habitable terrains of many levels that the students could occupy less formally. The result is a room with a variety of spaces to occupy with little additional furniture beyond the built terrain.

Finishes and unique lighting humanise the room which the faculty head has nicknamed “Kakadu”

Photography by Jon Linkins

151 Kakadu-UQss0809_29.jpg
151 Kakadu-UQss0809_18.jpg
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151 Kakadu-DN Plan Sections-2.jpg
151 Kakadu-DN Plan Sections.jpg
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151 Kakadu-UQss0809_02.jpg